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Commodities for children

  • 14 November 2014 00:00:00
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  • 5 Commodities for children
The best thing that can happen to a person is love. The love for your children can not compare with the feelings of the second half, or with ordinary feelings of happiness. Therefore, do not forget to indulge their kids, to give a little more joy and memories that float through time, as the best moments in life.
In order to please your child, do not need much. A new toy - always a win-win situation. But this toy must not only pleasing, but also developing a way to act. Therefore, we own online store for Thai Voyage, offer to your selection of products for children, which will have a positive impact on the development of the baby at any age.
Among the assortment of wooden toys you will see that:
1. Non-allergenic and non-toxic due to its production of natural materials. The paint that is used for coating, meets the standards of safety and quality. Therefore, even if a little pipsqueak decides to taste any detail, it's okay.
2. Are the most durable and reliable. Every detail in the wooden toys can not go wrong, pasted to form small particles that are so dangerous for young children.
3. They have a smooth surface.
Xylophone help your child get acquainted with the tone of the music. And, even after some time, your child may be a sense of rhythm, style of music. You'll hear it for different reasons tunes. Wooden pyramid will help your child become familiar with sizes, colors and shapes. And, in addition to the specific study of certain characteristics, wooden toys contribute to the overall development of imagination, mental alertness, perseverance and precision.
Also, it shows a series of interactive toys Furby from Hasbro products. Whichever look you choose your baby, this toy is in any case will give pleasure in huge numbers, thanks to:
Learning new words. Furby first pretend to a foreigner who does not speak Russian. Your baby is in the process of learning his new friend and he will remember the considerable number of new expressions.
1. Permanent dancing with cheerful music. Special sensors Furby allow you to move to the beat, while winking crumbs. Together, they can in addition to dance, to sing along to your favorite tunes.
2. Manifestation of tender feelings. Once your baby Furby pat on the tummy, he immediately starts to purr, smack one's lips with pleasure.
3. Care. Child's so fond of someone to take care and feed the Furby - great fun!
Apart from all these facilities, Furby can show displeasure emotion, if he had been ill treated. This will be a good example to the child that happens to every creature zhivim without worries.
Buy wooden toys, or Furby interactive animal, can we, the online store Thai Voyage. Your baby will still be a long time to enjoy such a nice gift! Is this not happiness?