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Articles made of natural latex Thai

  • 12 November 2014 00:00:00
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Nature gives us the best, and we are taking advantage of her gifts of themselves in this perfectly convinced. Naturalness in everything - the key to a healthy, long life. Therefore, our online store Thai Voyage gives you a wide selection of exclusively natural products.
Thailand - a place that resembles paradise externally. But inside it is teeming with life is indescribable! You do know that the latex is a natural product, and collect it from the sap of rubber trees? In Thailand, using modern technology to create latex products. There is absolutely no synthetics, and as you can make when buying a latex bedding.
The latex products you will find sleeping mattresses, pillows, blankets, as well as children's sets. What are the advantages of products manufactured from latex?
1. This is an environmentally friendly material, which not only improves your health, and more and does not harm the environment.
2. Excellent elasticity, the ability to change shape (restored to its original appearance after moving from their home countries).
3. These products are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. No mattress nor pillow may not appear germs or dust mites.
4. When choosing a latex product, you provide yourself with the most comfortable bed that can be.
Few details about the products. Our product range has a sufficient amount of latex mattresses, among which you can find double and a half, and twin. All models of the 100% latex, which means that they are resilient, but at the same time quite elastic. During sleep, you will not feel discomfort when coups from the back to the side, and vice versa. The design of our mattresses is quite simple, and therefore its shape does not change. Any unit will serve you with careful and proper care for over 30 years, without losing its properties.
Pillows provided in our online store Thai trip, will help eliminate potential headaches. They will be able to "tune out" individually under your neck structure, thus providing a convenient location of the head during the entire sleep or rest. Pillows made of latex can be orthopedic, and therefore, help you to relax during sleep, relieve hypertonicity with tired muscles, and in the morning you will feel an indescribable vigor. Here you can choose a pillow for adults, and for the little tots. And for the latest version of this will serve not only for relaxation, but also the correct positioning of the neck muscles.
 Blankets made of latex - a worthy replacement of a feather, or a silicone blankets. Why?
The answer lies in a few words:
· Easy;
· Environmentally friendly;
· Support for the required temperature.
If a little more, then latex blanket - a thin, light, and thanks to the internal structure - breathable. Environmental friendliness is what the quilt is ideal with allergies, asthmatics, or newborn, in general, people who are very sensitive to the surrounding world. And the last paragraph says that you will warm even the coldest winter, and will not feel the heat, and the heat, even at the highest temperature in the summer.
Do not forget that sleep - is the key to a successful next day! We are happy to provide you with successful weeks, months, years with the help of a comfortable latex bedding.