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Екатерина (Москва)
« Спасибо! Крокодиловое масло пришло в целости и сохранности. Оно превосходное от упаковки до возде..»

2018-04-20 10:41:00

joycelyn (Bangkok)
« Thanks so much dear. I have got the parcel. Happy songkran to you and your family. Have a good da..»

2018-04-13 12:22:36


Aroma and spa products

  • 12 November 2014 00:00:00
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In this noisy world, where the cycle of work, parties, business meetings and appointments, you can completely forget about peace and tranquility. Many people with no proper rest can not withstand such rapid flow can be broken on the other, everything starts to fall from his hands. Forget about everything! Take a break!
Just imagine, you go home, and then the smell, with which you feel a real burst of energy. Or after the gray everyday day you can feel the joy that I want to share with all. And if you are too too nervous, you want to balance its state to a stable. With the help of what is achieved?
Online Shop Thai Voyage happy to provide an answer to this question! Aroma Spa products and help you to feel peaceful and relaxed. You do not need to go to the spa salon, which would achieve the desired result. You will only need to use aroma cones or sticks, and will complete the mood aromatherapy oil. Now more about the range.
Aroma-cones - a mixture of fragrant herbs, flowers and trees, which is pressed into a form. In the package are lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, lemon, as well as made of rose petals, or lotus. Use them in conjunction with ceramic stand, which comes complete, and the sweet aroma filled the room for a long time. Here, by the way, no unnecessary additives, just natural nature!
Aroma sticks - common form of incense in Thailand. If it is to light, flavor rather quickly fills the room. Among the flavors in the package:
· Feminine rose, which removes fatigue. You can meditate, or just to talk about the day. After this mini-session, you will feel confident, moreover, romantic adventurism will encourage you to take decisive action.
· The refined aroma of vanilla, which stimulates the activity of the whole organism. Often, this scent is used as an aphrodisiac, as it is sensual and sexy.
· Bright lemon helps you to animate a human creative activity. Since you easier using this fragrance will cope with stress and problems.
· Jasmine also opens you to the sensual quality. It helps to calm down, tune in to the world. Often it causes fond memories of the past, thereby helping you to understand who you are now.
· Flavor juicy strawberries help get rid of the accumulated negative energy. Light a stick in the morning, and your day will be cheerful and positive!
· With the help of lavender fragrance you to relax so that the disconnect from the outside world for a while. That's the long-awaited vacation!
· Sandalwood will help you with insomnia. Set you up on a calm and peaceful mood.
· Aroma Ocean - fresh and semi-sweet. Here are collected the wood composition that help tune into a "wave".
Aroma oils are used for the same purposes as the previous products. Among the smells you encounter the same as that in the rods. The difference is that the flavor of the oil is not too sharp, distributed around the room for a long time. For them, you will need an additional aroma lamp, where you light a candle, and on top of a small amount of water add a couple of drops of oil. Select the appropriate flavor, and the mood for the evening ensured!