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A variety of teas

  • 12 November 2014 00:00:00
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How would people not cool in the flow of work, responsibilities, family and love, and must be within 10 minutes a day to relax and reflect on the most important things in life. Of course, each person has different notions about the most important, but to reach them you need to balance everything. This can be done using one indispensable component. You guessed it, what?
Tea - that is so necessary after work, or after a holiday outing. Our online store Thai Voyage offers a huge selection of teas from Thailand. Do not forget that each of them has special properties. Knowing them, you can pick the perfect sort it for yourself.
Thai Voyage presented teas that act on the whole body wellness way. As it is, it depends on the product of your choice.
Lemon Grass is a pleasant blend of herbal, where the taste of lemon - prevails. The advantage of tea is that it can be added to other teas like green or black. The main feature is the overall toning the entire body. You feel in good shape, but at the same time quietly and peacefully. Lemon Taste suppresses symptoms of nausea, so it is advised to drink this tea to girls and women in 1 trimester of pregnancy. Then you can enjoy your pregnancy without negative manifestations.
Safflower Flower tea - a traditional Thai drink. It helps to improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract even if acute problems, as well as a positive effect in inflammatory processes. As has antipain effect, it soothes and refreshes.
Thailand is known for its rejuvenating apples, so to stay young Thais - easily. To help them come Pueraria Mirifica - tea, which can be consumed every day to improve the general well-being. Do not forget that the youth recipe reduces the number of wrinkles and the skin becomes smoother and firmer.
If you want to make a more slender figure, be sure to check with Garcinia cambogia. Its properties are simple, but the reality is:
· Reduce appetite due to the large amount of pectin in these fruits.
· Speed ​​up the metabolism.
· You perehochetsya eating sweets in large quantities. Garcinia - a perfect substitute, after which the mood is even better than after a regular candy.
Blue tea Ancha - a good tool for those who like to take care of their hair. Due to the fact that the drink improves blood circulation of small vessels of the brain, the hair becomes healthier, stronger, longer fall out in large quantities.
Better than any pharmacy medication, coping with a cold tea Matum. It contains many nutrients that strengthen the immune system and increase the natural way. Matum can be used for more serious diseases, such as rhinitis and tonsillitis.
classics lovers a wide choice, both green and black tea. They do not contain adjuvants, so taste - just gorgeous.
White tea for lovers of fine and exquisite taste. Since the establishment of the minimum use steam treatment, the useful properties are maintained in full. White tea strengthens the immune system, nervous system, handle any cold, plus, due to the presence of fluorine, to keep your smile healthy and without caries.