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Natural soap

  • 26 October 2014 00:00:00
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Going to the supermarket, you buy everything you need. And, of course, do not forget to go to the "chemistry" department. They choose all cosmetic products, without which it can not do us any day. About them because they write that they "almost" natural with the smallness of the various additives. It is believed you?
When did you last use natural cosmetics? Indeed one which is made of natural substances instead of chemical additives. After trying again, you will not be able to get away from this path. Then you will know why.
This section of our online store Thai Voyage is dedicated to the natural soap. Every morning, every night is simply not possible without this tool for body care. Some like to use this product exclusively for hand washing, but many who do not like the gel and lotion liquid love to use it for the whole body.
We provide a wide range of natural soaps for bathrooms traditional procedures and narrowly focused, such as anti-cellulite and anti-acne agents.
Natural soap has several advantages. When and for what skin it is used?
To get a pleasant and natural fragrance, created without synthetic fragrances. Sometimes it acts as a deodorant, removing unnecessary odors from the body.
When the skin has become very dry from the use of non-natural gel in the shower, then begin to moisturize it is by this means. Because they contain oils (coconut, shea butter, olive oil, etc.), which will help you resolve the problem quickly.
To make your skin malnourished, becoming softer and more pleasant to the touch.
If you have an allergy to synthetic soap, natural soap you will have a first-class care.
Whenever taking a shower, you are using hard water. It also negatively affects your skin. To protect it from unwanted bacteria, natural soap acts as a germicide.
When your skin is subjected to inflammatory processes (acne rash reaction to junk food), this means you will have an anti-inflammatory aid.
Scalp. Natural soap can replace you shampoo with success. It eliminate dandruff and also will prevent the appearance of oily hair.
Our online store Thai Voyage gives you the tools that use only vegetable oils, alkali and auxiliary natural elements. The oils can be vegetable (coconut, cocoa, shea, almond, palm, olive, etc.). These types of oils are made from conventional soap not only cosmetic, and drug therapy. Essential is also used (of nutmeg, oak moss, mimosa, patchouli, and others.). They make incredible flavors.
In making soap not apply thermal or mechanical stress, therefore retains all the properties of the most useful. Thus, a glycerine and soap after the connection. The first component acts on the skin smyagchayusche and impregnates all the necessary elements, and antibacterial properties are carried out through the second component. However, to complete this process takes time. Soap matures and is used to accelerate the natural wax.
Buy natural soap can be with us in Thai Voyage, at very reasonable prices. And if you are interested in the product, which is currently not available, be sure to drop us a personal letter, and we will find the desired means for the shortest possible time for you.
Make sure all your body! Every cell in the skin will be grateful for this healing, thorough and at the same time luxurious care using natural soaps.