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Massage with coconut oil - a heavenly delight

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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Massage with coconut oil - a heavenly delight
Relax after a hard day's work you can in different ways: someone strong like a long sleep, restorative, someone changes the type of activity to a more active or passive.
At the peak of popularity for many centuries massage at home. The method is suitable for those who can not or does not want to go to expensive beauty salons.
Features home massage
Relaxation through massage can be achieved in a matter of minutes, it is important to comply strictly process technology. Naturally, sliding on the skin of hands can be of varying intensity and direction. The main emphasis - massage oil. A worthy candidate for consideration is the coconut oil, one of the most valuable in the world. At the same time its value is accessible to everyone who is seeking a luxurious silky skin moisturized and timeless for a long period of time.
The unique properties of coconut oil on advantage have been estimated in ancient times, when the majestic and stunning beautiful Cleopatra is making every effort to eternal youth. This is a sure way to keep the skin's moisture balance, prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles, to upset a woman.
Produce coconut oil from coconut pulp, carefully separating it from the shell, and then dried in a power saving mode by pressing and receive valuable product. Available in two forms: refined and unrefined.
Skin care
For massage is commonly used type of refined coconut oil. Suitable for any age and sex, has no contraindications. Very favorite beauty product industry and health allergic, as proven hypoallergenic properties. By purchasing a bottle of coconut "miracle", it is possible not to worry about its safety. Within a few years, it will retain its properties and nutrients content is reduced either by one percent.
Getting a massage, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, so that bacteria and germs are not mixed with oil. It has a good ability to rapidly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where the harmful micro-organisms is not the place. Coconut oil melts from the heat of the hands, so it is enough to take a small amount and a little hold, and then you can proceed to a relaxing massage.
You can massage not only the body but also the scalp before washing hair. From intense touches enhanced blood circulation, there is enhanced nutrition hair follicles, and nutrients of coconut oil strengthens the hair, making them silky and shiny. An added bonus - an unobtrusive pleasant fragrance that lasts for a long time.