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Body care

  • 25 October 2014 00:00:00
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A person should be all in equilibrium. Beautiful, kind soul should live in a beautiful body. This balance will help you feel confident and, of course, to love yourself. But to achieve such a state, you need to keep thoughts pure, and the body should be well-groomed.
To do this, we Shop Thai Voyage, offer you a huge selection of products for body care, including care of:
· Mouth.
· Hair.
· Face.
· Hands.
· Body.
· Feet.
In the first category the range of toothpastes help you decide with the "sole". Maybe you need a firm toothpaste, which was only natural ingredients and vitamins? Or do you need an organic vegetable pasta? This, and not only, you will find on our site. Any submitted items are not only acts as a bleaching agent, but also as a "healer" for the gum. Apply them in a small amount (this is enough), and then your tube of toothpaste will last longer than usual.
Hair Care interested in not only girls, but also men. After all, when your hair look healthy, it shows that the whole body is willing, without ailments. In the online store "Thai Voyage" you can view the products, including shampoos, conditioners, balms, Ayurvedic remedies, lotions ... and everything from clean, environmentally friendly materials. The most commonly used coconut oil, which makes your hair strong, shiny, and about split ends can all forget. It also preserves the structure of each hair while drying, heat treatment or other negative. Be sure to try it!
When you meet with a man, the first thing the eye falls on the face. Therefore, facials should be one of the most important daily activities in their spare time. So you not only improve your appearance, but also extend the natural beauty, pushing old age by the wayside. To do this, we are happy to help, Thai Voyage, with the help of balms, masks, gels, day and night creams. You will be able to take care not only about the face, but also about such nuances as the lips. Collagen Lip Mask have the effect of smoothing wrinkles and collagen patches specific to the eye perfectly remove the daily fatigue.
Your hands - Display lifestyle. They are not less than the others in need of care. After all, it too often define old age. And what would that question started to bother you as late as possible, we offer you a huge variety of solid and liquid soaps, hand creams and nail. Soap will not only protect you from bacteria 24 hours, but will make your hands soft and velvety. And that would enhance this effect, as well as increase the elasticity and resilience, use of a cream with natural ingredients. Part B of the application are aloe vera, flowers (rose, jasmine), fruits (banana, mango). Daily care for your hands will prevent the appearance of even the smallest wrinkles.
It happens that lends itself to stress the whole body. You work without resting, to tire himself impossibly intelligent way, which is more clearly displayed on a physical level. Save the natural beauty of your body with the help of specialized, natural care products. Use a soothing aroma scooter when tired. Ray seductive scent using atomatnogo soap, while making the skin softer and more elastic. For amplifying effect, exercise and do not forget to apply anti-cellulite products. A scrubs and gels cleanse your skin, give freshness. Make it so that everyone would march shower gave you not only a good mood, but also rejuvenating, calming effect!
Well, the last category - for feet care. This part of the body that do not need to hide! Legs can be admired, especially if they are in perfect condition. To achieve this kind of Thai, you can use creams, applying them to the entire area. Do not forget about hair removal cream! And returning home after a hard day, put on a foot cream with a curative effect, and the next day will flit like a butterfly.
Give your body the whole unprecedented beauty, youth and grooming. The effect is stunning!
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