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Humidifier and air freshener

Manufacturer: Thailand
Product code: 3101-01
Vendor code: TV000391
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Price: 73.58USD
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Humidifier and air freshener in your home! This humidifier is easy to use and does not take up much space! Pour into the interior of the water, add a few drops of scented oil, to include in the network and enjoy the aroma and humidified air!
Many of us think about the humidity, in extreme cases, when watching the news about the weather. And as shown by numerous studies, nothing we do not pay enough attention to this issue. After all, the air moisture is essential, both for human health and for the material environment in which we live and for the things that surround us.
The house - it is our fortress. This is the place where you want to come back after a hard day's work, where to spend a cozy evening with your family, receive guests and to pay attention to what we are interested.
However, it is in apartments and houses can trap human insidious and almost invisible to your enemies negative action - central heating, various household appliances such as air-conditioning, computer, TV, iron and others. Of course, they bring into our lives a lot of positive, simplifying life and existence. But they dry out the air in the house. From the lack of moisture in the apartment, unfortunately, suffer from its tenants. Often people themselves can not understand why feel bad. This is reflected in the general discomfort, decreased immunity, fatigue, headaches, loss of vitality, irritability, bad mood. Also, starting with skin problems (it is dry, dehydrated and unhealthy), mucous membranes (you often feel dry eyes) and respiratory tract (throat tickle and lays the nose).
In particular, the humidity is important for children, because their protective barriers (skin and mucous membranes) are more vulnerable than adults. This low air moisture in an apartment is often the cause of the vagaries of small households.
It must be remembered that the optimal human health humidity is 40-60%. In cities with a continental climate, it often reaches 15-20%. Interestingly, in the Sahara Desert humidified air at 25%. Despite the exhausting solar activity, wind brings in the desert air, which first circulated over the ocean. That is why it is very rich in life-giving moisture.
For many, it becomes a discovery that humidify the air in the apartment must be both summer and winter. During the winter period the air humidity is 50-90%, but it is on the street. However, getting into our house, the air is heated to 25-30 degrees, and the humidity is reduced to 20-30%, not comfortable and not useful to man. On summer days, also need additional moisture in the apartment, especially if in the presence of air conditioning there, or outside weather is hot and exhausting. Air Conditioning, undoubtedly, gives freshness, but due to the fact that the air inside the room circulates the same, its moisture content decreases rapidly up to 25-30%.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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