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Natural flavoring air diffuser with a variety of flavors neutralize unpleasant odors in the air, removing their adverse effects on human and filling the room exquisite aroma. It affects the central nervous system, stimulates and harmonizes the physiological and psychological processes in the body. Thanks to the beautiful design, convenient to use the flavor will complement the interior of any premises.
Fragrance oils
Rose flower. The fragrance of rose has a calming effect on the emotional system, thereby helping to cope with anger, jealousy, envy, stress and tension. Self-doubt helps people acquire a sense of self-esteem and do not react to the negativity of others. It makes women more feminine and attractive. It increases efficiency and helps to reveal talent. It stimulates creative and intellectual growth, eliminates stiffness of the imagination. It facilitates the process of going to sleep and waking up, harmonize biological rhythms. It creates a warm and joyful atmosphere in the house.
Orchid - in aromatherapy is used for getting rid of feelings of anxiety and stress. With this flavor, you can rejuvenate and relax your body, revive emotions and improve mutual understanding. In addition, experts say that it helps clarify the mind and senses. The scent of orchids acts effectively for headaches, mental disorders, insomnia, epilepsy, diseases of the nervous system, loss of appetite, cramps and fainting.
Lavender perfectly balances the nervous system, eliminates anxiety, depression and insomnia, bringing calmness and clarity. Eliminates excitement, unproductive self-destructive emotions. Aroma inner creativity and peace, developing an abstract approach to the conflicts and troubles, does not allow insults and painful stress savoring the details to "occupy" the mind. Eliminates crying and hysterical reactions. The smell of lavender expels moles and mosquitoes.
The freshness of the ocean - a refreshing, brings "fresh ideas", gives a feeling of lightness. It is the scent of the morning - awakens and energizes the whole day.
Lemongrass. Refreshing, invigorating and provocative nature of the aromatic oil of lemon grass fully manifested in the emotional sphere. Lemongrass oil eliminates the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue, exhausted, increases mental alertness and concentration, improve memory and performance. It is bright and fresh oil, which helps to adapt to any conditions, compensate for a deficiency of emotions, overcoming apathy and passivity. Oil-optimistic, uplifting and activity at the same time stimulating concentration, reaction speed and the ability to make decisions. It is an ideal choice for those who want to overcome secretiveness, to understand the social relationships and for their own purposes. It is believed that lemongrass depart from human failure. In the erotic sphere stimulates activity, stamina and energy.
Lily. The very scent of lily very feminine, but the dominant and sharp. However, this does not prevent him from being a favorite scent of perfume. Now the smell of lilies in vogue. Lily gives a playful and flirtatious woman, as well as a deep sense of self-confidence. It's such a frivolous flavor that gives a sense of the game, of unreality, as - as if you are in a theater or on stage. Any woman in the shower actress, but sometimes we are so strongly influenced by various external circumstances that absolutely forget about their feminine nature. It will help you find the lily flirting mood.
Jasmine - a real aphrodisiac and antidepressant! Oil Jasmine is shown in case of problems with the nervous system, relieves depression, anxiety, sadness, gives self-confidence. Well suited for flavoring linen, to give a fresh flavor.
White campaka. Aroma campaka awakens feelings cooled, increases sensuality, creates a romantic mood upbeat, and opens the heart, a good aphrodisiac. This floral fragrance calms the nerves and heart, as well as offloads the fevered brain. Inspire imagination and inspires creative work reveals the artistic ability. It soothes, relieves stress, improves mood, balances the nervous system, reduces aggression, facilitates breathing.
Application: Unlike essential oils - these oils do not need to be diluted with water, and set fire to aromalampe. It is enough to load a set of wooden sticks in a glass butylek with an aromatic liquid and odor will spread, soaking sticks, filling the air with the scent in the room.
Long term use of flavor - 2-4 months.
30 ml.
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