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Aromatic essential oil - TV000274

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Aromatization of premises - one of the most popular uses of essential oils. Thanks to the magnificent flavors creates a special mood and atmosphere.
For flavoring the air is enough to get a simple aromatic lamp, air humidifier or aroma diffuser.
Online shop "Thai Voyage" offers a rich collection of Thai floral scents:
- Vanilla oil (Vanilla oil) maintains vitality and restores the body's energy. In ancient times it was believed that it is a stimulant effect on women. Vanilla - a gift of nature, one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, worthy of admiration. Its unique aroma affects the nervous system, giving rise to erotic fantasies and causing a feeling of euphoria. The smell of vanilla invigorates, reduces drowsiness, improves blood circulation and improves muscle tone, stimulates the libido (particularly in older men), has a positive effect on the stomach disorders and central nervous system, soothe, can promote weight loss by reducing the craving for sweets.
- Rose Oil (Rose oil) is considered to be the oil of love! Rose is traditionally called the queen of flowers, and in aromatherapy it is considered the queen of essential oils. This magical smell the roses! You will be calm and peaceful, if you add in the bath a few drops of this wonderful oil! Rose - soft, but very strong anti-depressant, and because of their "female" qualities is particularly effective in situations where emotional disturbances associated with female sexuality or reproductive cycle. This is one of those oils that may very well help women suffering from postpartum depression, or depression after a breakup with a partner, especially if a woman is at the same time experiencing sadness, rather than anger.
rose fragrance eliminates fatigue symptoms, relieves stress reactions, improves performance. It stimulates creative and intellectual growth, eliminates stiffness of the imagination.
Rose oil facilitates the process of going to sleep and waking up, harmonize biological rhythms. It creates a warm and joyful atmosphere in the house, neutralizing the impact of bad weather.
Aroma luxury hovering around the aristocracy and bohemians. Rose enriches emotions, gives them a sophisticated, subtle accents. It helps to resist passionate natures quiet irony and sarcasm of others, without perceiving it as a provocation. Eliminates inferiority complex. Develop talent is easy and fun to laugh at themselves.
Oil makes a woman feminine and attractive. Touching the rose fills a feeling of freshness, serenity and harmony. Consigned to oblivion habits complexes and embarrassed. It gives love, fertility, healing, purifies and sanctifies the house or room.
- Oil Sandalwood (Sandalwood oil) promotes rapid healing and protect against trouble. It is believed that the oil improves the innate human abilities. Sandal brings calm and relaxation in the event of negative psycho-emotional reactions to stressful situations, conflicts and unpleasant surprises of life. Eliminates tearfulness, insomnia and depression.
Essential oil of sandalwood promotes creativity. Wood smell sandalwood regulates mood, stimulates sensuality, eliminates insomnia, helps out of the depression. The fragrance for meditation.
The end result - using sandalwood oil increases your activity on the background of internal balance and thirst for life.
Powerful erotic stimulant, Sandal increases potency, removes sexual coldness helps masterly achievement of orgasm. Foster easy translate any amorous desires and fantasies, telling them pungent blues rhythm.
Sandal opens the creative side of personality, talent. It helps not to commit impulsive acts. Heals, protects, helps with immersion in the Astral, casts out evil spirits, it gives inspiration.
- Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus oil) - the healing oil, helping to recover even after a long illness, it is used for colds. The aroma of productive thinking, logic. Personal judgments, imbued with the scent of eucalyptus, always different depth knowledge of the truth. Eucalyptus oil is ideal for auditors, linguists, mathematicians. Eucalyptus eliminates fatigue, drowsiness and "morning grouchiness." In ancient times, this fragrance is used as a means "of slow and melancholy."
The sharp smell of eucalyptus camphoric shown with emotional overload, confusion, fatigue. He wakes up reserve forces of the body, improves mental activity.
Eucalyptus oil helps to recover quickly from the stress of the disease. It increases the amount of energy that is responsible for longevity.
Fragrance, an insect-repellent. Eucalyptus disinfects, deodorizes the air in the room and prevents contamination of airborne infection.
- Oil Green Tea (Green tea oil) will give you the peace and fresh ideas. This true soul flavor gives a light summer mood. Sweet, delicate, pleasant unobtrusive aroma with clear notes of fresh grass. It reserves the long delicate aroma of freshness.
- Oil with the scent of black coffee (Black coffee oil) recreates a bunch of coffee drink. The very name already speaks for itself. After all, coffee aromas so stimulate, especially in the morning!
- Oil with the scent of ocean fragrance (Ocean oil) will give a bright, really a morning aroma of the sea waves.
- Oil orchids (Orchid oil) - is harmony and absolute perfection subtle pleasant aroma.
- Lavender oil (Lavender oil) - a classic, calm, soothing aroma. The smell of purity and tenderness in one bottle! It is believed that lavender - the queen of fragrance. The ancient Romans appreciated the smell of lavender and herb used to flavor the water, they washed their hands before eating, fragrant flowers are added to water for bathing. The scent of lavender - is the perfect remedy for insomnia, it calms the nervous system. Even lavender repels moles. For some, the scent of lavender may sound harsh, tart, spicy and fragrant. This is understandable, everyone has their favorite flavors and those that do not cause much sympathy. Lavender perfectly balances the nervous system, eliminates anxiety, depression and insomnia, bringing calmness and clarity. Eliminates crying and hysterical reactions.
It has a significant effect on the solar plexus, calming the spirit of anger. Lavender oil can help to get back on the spiritual path descended from him, find harmony.
Summer flavor, allowing found in passionate embrace not only the sophistication and intuitive insight, but also a break from the heat.
Lavender promotes self-knowledge, meditation, recover quickly. It provides complete energy relaxation helps resorption of "scars" on the energy shell. Reduces aggression, it helps to recover from envy. It gives happiness, purification, love and healing.
The smell of lavender expels moles and mosquitoes.
- Oil Sakura (Sakura oil) - flavor subtle, not dramatic, non-irritating, with a slight bitterness. Aroma Sakura could not understand each.
- Oil Jasmine (Jasmine oil) - a royal flavor to the mood, relaxation, health and beauty. It has a strong pleasant smell. The scent of jasmine - a true aphrodisiac, stimulates sensuality, awakens the imagination and inspires. In depression, apathy, indifference, faded feelings, frustration, lack of faith in the future and there is no incentive life scent of jasmine will take you back to life and give hope.
Jasmine oil - one of the best tools that can help with sexual problems. It is an erotic stimulant, eliminates sexual frigidity and impotence. Jasmine enhances sexual desire. It gives lightness, flexibility and harmony loving dance.
- Oil Lemongrass (Lemongrass oil) - refers to the citrus aromas. Lemongrass oil has a sedative and antidepressant invigorating influence, increases efficiency and concentration, improves memorizing and uplifting. Eliminates morning fatigue, neurasthenia and headaches.
Lemongrass promotes a rush of energy. It stimulates potency, eliminates sexual coldness. Aroma protecting from evil and malevolence. Clarifies personal position and power interlocutors, eliminating excessive courteous reticence and verbal "sell." The fragrance, which allows not only more clearly delineate the range of its aspirations, but failed to withdraw.
The aroma of lemongrass sharp, throbbing, so do not use it in a high excitability and severe hypertension. Like all oils, having a lemon flavor, lemongrass - a good insect repellent.
- Oil grape (Grape oil) is a prestigious, very sweet, seductive, tender and sensual aroma. This playful fragrance will cheer up, will give ease and joy to life.
- Oil Frangipani (Frangipani oil) - captivating scent harmonizes, awakens sensuality, gives inspiration and euphoria, but at the same time has a sedative calming effect. The aroma is able to restore inner balance and harmony.
Oil frangipani useful to inhale with depression, apathy, mental fatigue, fear, nausea, impotence and frigidity. Aroma-aphrodisiac - sensual and provocative.
- Ylang-ylang (Ylang-ylang oil) is considered one of the brightest flower smells. Aroma oil rich, sweet, very warm, caressing, with a spicy aftertaste.
- Ylang-ylang attracts positive energy and love, restores and promotes the development of personal potential. Vibrant and active oil is not only able to quickly change the mood and emotional background, it causes a feeling of mild euphoria, is one of the most active anti-depressants and promotes deep relaxation.
Bringing positive emotions, ylang-ylang oil relieves stress, anxiety, nervousness, anxiety, helps to cope with stress and difficult situations, helps eliminate insomnia and obsessive thoughts, irritability and irascibility. Antidepressant properties of aromatherapy oils are manifested not only in terms of traditional manifestations, but also in terms of asthenic syndrome and its symptoms - uncertainty, Trapped, suspiciousness, anxiety.
Ylang-ylang - one of the fastest means of night terrors for children.
It is very active stimulant aphrodisiac, symbolizing tenderness, warmth, strength, intuitive sensuality, happy emotions.
Ingredients: 100% essential oil.
The use of essential oils is very broad:
- Facilities for flavoring add a few drops of an aromatic lamp, table humectant, etc .;.
- A warm bath with essential oils - is the perfect relaxing facility, relieves stress;
- Aromatic oils are used for inhalation;
- Oil can be added to massage cream.
Precautions: Do not take the oil inside! Observe the minimum dosage!
Contraindications: pregnant women; young children; patients with epilepsy and asthma - do not use! Individual intolerance of flavors.
5 ml. - 1 piece.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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