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Cosmetics Abhaibhubejhr

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Anti-aging face cream Abhaibhubejhr - TV000060
Anti-aging cream for the perfect care Abhaibhubejhr facial skin restores skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, corrects the face contours, smoothes fine age wrinkles, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, brightens all kinds of pigmentation of the face and décolleté, gives the ski..
Anti-Aging Herbal Gel for the skin around the eyes Abhaibhubejhr - TV000061
In the gel for the skin around the eyes Abhaibhubejhr includes a special herbal blend of aloe vera, Centella, cucumber, embliki and other natural ingredients. Using a cream-gel for eyelids allows you to quickly and effectively remove the signs of fatigue, puffiness around the eyes, the gel he..
Anti-inflammatory cream for herpes Payayor Abhaibhubejhr - TV000058
Good Thai proven remedy for herpes, allergy, and inflammation of the skin on the basis of plants from Klinakantus known Thai producer Abhaibhubejhr. This popular in Thailand, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory cream Payayor particularly effective for the treatment of herpes simplex. Also ..
Antifungal foot spray Galanga Abhaibhubejhr - TV000361
Deodorant for feet - an effective remedy for foot odor destroys pathogens causing fungal and bacterial diseases. It heals wounds. Relieves irritation, stop inflammation, accelerates regeneration of damaged skin. Performs protective antibacterial function. It has a wide spectrum of antibacterial a..
Ayurvedic remedies Abhaibhubejhr - TV000053
Special medical mask Abhaibhubejhr formula healthier hair roots and scalp, make hair strong and shiny. Strengthens hair bulbs, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss, for the prevention of baldness. Regulates the sebaceous glands, perfectly cleanses and nourishes oily hair. Indian ..
Body Lotion Abhaibhubejhr - TV000067
Abhaibhubejhr Lotion helps to create collagen and elastin, which are significantly improves skin elasticity. Cucumber Lotion does not create a feeling of tightness, nice eases and tones the skin. Astringent effect causes constriction of enlarged pores. After applying the lotion cucumber skin beco..
Capsule Gotu Kola Abhaibhubejhr (for memory and treatment of varicose veins) - TV000355
Centella Asiatica (Asiatic pennywort). Family schitolistnikovye (umbrella) - Hydrocotylaceae (Umbelliferae s l..) Perennial herb, creeping stems, located on the surface of the soil, 5-10 cm tall, branched, rooting at the nodes; pubescent when young, later almost naked. Flowers subsessile...
Capsules Bitter Cucumber (treatment of diabetes) - TV000358
Bitter cucumber or Chinese bitter gourd, herbaceous vine of the Cucurbitaceae family, widely cultivated for the edible fruit in the countries of South and South-East Asia. Also known as the fruit of "hook". Pharmacological Effects: Lowers cholesterol. It stimulates the pancreas. It is used fo..
Capsules Borapet Abhaibhubejhr (anti-inflammatory and antipyretic) - TV000351
Medicinal properties tinospory long kept secret, handed down from generation to generation in monasteries in Thailand and Cambodia. The doctors advised her simply as "grass in the disease," carefully avoiding reference to the composition. It was only in the 20th century, scientists have finally o..
Capsules Compound Thao Wan Priang Abhaibhubejhr (anesthetic) - TV000353
Curly bush, branched, rarely pubescent. The leaves are pinnate, 7-15 cm long, leaflets among 9-19, 2,5-5 cm long, oblong, back to ovate-oblong, obtuse or acute, naked or half-naked on top and pubescent below, with short petioles. Inflorescence - the long axillary racemes. Corolla light pink. Frui..
Capsules Fa Talai Jone Abhaibhubejhr (treatment of colds) - TV000350
Capsules Fa Talai Jone in Thailand are considered panaceas against seasonal colds and influenza diseases. Ingredients: The main ingredient: Andrographis paniculata (Burm f..) Nees. Clinico-pharmacological group: immune stimulant, antiviral, antipyretic drugs, anti-bacterial agent. Pha..
Capsules Ginger (analgesic antibacterial agent) - TV000357
Ginger refers to spices, known since ancient times. For more than 25 centuries of various drugs on the basis of this plant are used by professional herbalists for the treatment of various diseases. Odor resistant characteristic, aromatic, but not pungent. Ingredients: main ingredient: Zingibe..
Capsules Paeka (analgesic and tonic) - TV000354
Decorative tropical tree 10-13 m, semi deciduous tall, with large, double pinnate leaves. Blossoms bell-purple flowers (up to 6 cm in diameter), collected in the brush up to 25 cm long. The flowers have an unpleasant smell and bloom at night. They are pollinated by bats. After flowering, fruit-po..
Capsules Pet Sang Khat Abhaibhubejhr (for healing bone fractures) - TV000349
Capsules Pet Sang Khat prepared on the basis of ancient plants tsissus. This wild plant has been used since prehistoric times in Asian medicine. No self-respecting monastery could not imagine their gardens without this evergreen vine. Currently, high-tech research, one after another proving the t..
Capsules Turmeric Abhaibhubejhr (treatment of stomach) - TV000352
The turmeric contains calcium, iron, phosphorus and iodine. Vitamins C, B, K, B2, OT. According to statistics, in India almost zero level of prostate disease. This is attributed to the constant use of turmeric (different dishes). In combination with other biologically active substances of pla..

Online store "Thai Voyage" is Abhaibhubejhr natural cosmetics at very affordable rates. Abhaibhubejhr Cosmetics deserves special attention. The difference cosmetics Abhayvnubezhnr is that all the products are made only from natural ingredients, without any chemical additives, which are very useful for the organism.